One of the most common questions I get asked is, "What does a certain person believe concerning Bible prophecy?" I've received so many inquires from people that want information on well-known figures in the field of Bible prophecy, I'd I've decided to create this web page. There are some good commentators out there, but there are also a lot of bad ones lurking around. Hopefully, this page will help you decide which ones are worth your attention.

Positive Reviews:

  • John Ankerberg -- An apologist of biblical issues
  • Dave Breese -- Was one of prophecy's most gifted speakers
  • JR Church -- Serving the Lord for many years now
  • Jimmy DeYoung -- An expert on the Middle East
  • Russ Doughten -- Father of the Modern Christian Movie
  • Daymond Duck -- A best-selling author of many books
  • Gary D. Frazier -- Founder of Discovery Ministries
  • Arno Froese -- Editor of Midnight Call magazine
  • Phillip Goodman -- Teaches the basics of prophecy
  • John Hagee -- founder and Pastor of Cornerstone Church
  • Ed Hindson -- A busy man who wears many hat
  • Dave Hunt -- Someone who fearlessly speaks the truth
  • Thomas Ice -- Defender of the pre-trib view
  • Terry James -- A great speaker and a dear friend
  • Grant Jeffrey -- Always has an answer to every question
  • David Jeremiah -- A highly sought-after conference speaker
  • Gary Kah -- The only conspiracy speaker that makes sense
  • Tim LaHaye -- One of the greats of Christian fiction
  • Zola Levitt -- Teaches people from a Jewish perspective
  • David Allen Lewis -- Prophecy, prayer, and spiritual warfare
  • Hal Lindsey -- A giant in the world of Bible prophecy
  • Jan Markell -- Founder of Olive Tree Ministries
  • Chuck Missler -- A man gifted in business and now in prophecy
  • David Noeble -- An authority on the decline of morality
  • Charles Pack -- A rich history of serving the Lord
  • Donald Perkins -- A man with the best prophetic charts
  • Randall Price -- An expert in the field of biblical archaeology
  • David Reagan -- A dependable source of reliable information
  • Larry Spargimino -- A man of talent who stays busy
  • Perry Stone -- A prophecy expert that does claim to be one
  • John Walvoord -- Former head of Dallas Theological Seminary

    The Bad Apples:

  • Irvin Baxter -- Very unique view of prophecy
  • Peter Lalonde -- Mr. Hollywood
  • Texe Marrs -- Conspiracy magnet
  • Stan Johnson -- Erroneous doctrine magnet
  • Hilton Sutton -- Lacking humility
  • Jimmy Swaggart -- Trouble with the ladies
  • Jack Van Impe -- Smart man; dumb decisions
  • Ron Wyatt -- Archaeological fraud

    The Prophetically Confused:

  • Kenneth Gentry - Preterism
  • Robert Van Kampen - Pre-wrath
  • Dave MacPherson - Pre-trib rapture basher
  • Robert Gundry - Dispensational post-trib


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