God knows my heart, I have a good heart, cause I really have a lot of love to give. Maybe it's true. Maybe God is shaking the heavens and the earth right now. To call up the last of his children that will awaken to the last chance warnings as his signs for his return unfold right under our very nose. And those who will humble themselves before him like a child, (especially during this time of world-wide ciaos), and seek him with all their hearts, then they too will be written in the book of life, and invited to the marriage of the lamb. Those who are anticipating the rapture are hearing the word of GOD. Matthew 24:40,41 Rev 3:3 

Jesus was the first to defeat death and the first to descend into heaven, those who are born again have also defeated death and in Christ will be next to descend into heaven. 

Here is my testimony. On this one night about a year ago I will never forget, (thank you God), that I did something very unlike me. I had just gotten home from work, and my roommate was out for the rest of the evening. After I had settled in for the night I went out to the porch to have a cigarette. I had the music on the radio station for dance-mix. 

I don't know if anyone can relate to a time in your life where everything that you once loved to do becomes dull and boring. Well that's where I was in my life, just blah and disappointed. I tried to escape by dancing alone in my living room, but as I can remember at this time of the evening I had a miserable headache. Something came over me like an appending doom. 

I don't really remember exactly what thought it was that made me do the unthinkable, but thank you Jesus, cause I got down on my knees and prayed. I did not know why I was doing it at the time, but something was just consuming me. I felt that God was really listening to me, but that I also didn't really know him at all. (ok like in previous so-called prayer I sounded like this "please god if you can make this one time happen for me than I will never ask you for any thing else" ) and of coarse I was a non believer asking for something selfish and I was lying on my back in bed feeling sorry for myself. I was that type of "non believer" who would say to anyone trying to tell me about Jesus, "did they get his vital signs when they took him down off the cross?" "No, not back then, so how do people know for sure that he was really dead?" ( I love you Jesus). This time though it was different. 

I didn't know how to pray or what to ask for, I just gave up or gave in, and asked God to help me and to help me with my headaches, and that I promised to quit smoking and I would also cut back on the coffee or vice-versa, but just really that I needed his help cause I was lost. And well what do know? Did you know that God has a son? I had forgotten about Jesus at this point in life, after all "Jesus" was just another word to use when you where mad.. Do you know what? God did hear me. 

For about a month later I was still not born again until he lead me to his son. I found the movie "Jesus", it was still in its wrapping, under my brothers TV stand. My brother said to me, with little enthusiasm, that his girlfriend had received it a long time ago in the mail. That one small free gift saved my life for eternity. When I said that prayer to myself at the end of the movie, and asked Jesus to come into my heart. I felt as though I was completely transformed....and the feeling of Love was just overflowing in my heart so deeply that it felt as though I could have lifted up out of my seat and floated away. 

I had goose bumps, but not from being cold, cause a warm blanket fell over me with a forgiving comfort and the tears just came down like never before. My chest felt like a big ball of warm fuzzy butterflies that moved throughout my body all the way down to my feet. For I had just been born again, only to learn later on that that is what had happened to me. I never once heard of such a thing before. 

The Holy spirit lives in me and in many others as well. Without him we are dead, for he shows us things unimaginable to anyone who does not see him or know him. He and he alone is way to the light. His word remains still in our hearts until the end, cause until then, these things are unfinished. Those who are born again know they are born again. 

It is the most simplest of things to do to gain everything for free, and yet it is still to this day, the one thing that is so hard to tell someone. Repent! 

So why is it you can't just simply tell someone the way to eternity, for they too will see what you are saying. Why cant you just simply tell someone that all you need is Jesus Christ. That the money, fame, popularity, good looks, its all lies of Satan, trying to keep you from the truth. Jesus is what is missing. Those who have him, have all they need. So why is it so misunderstood and so hard to get through to those who are not saved. and isn't trying to save someone a good thing? Perhaps that too is part of Gods mystery and perhaps we may find out very soon......may God be with you all and I'll see you at supper time! 

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