My name is Phillip.  I live in Texas and have been a Christian since August 1995. I have read a few of the stories on the web page about others being saved and other experiences. I think my experience may be of help and comfort to Christians who face this same type of problem I had. everything here is true. 

I am deaf and live by myself. My health problems have prevented me from being able to have many contacts with people. I never told anyone about this until this week. The psychiatrists I was seeing have no idea that this happened to me.  

Something wondrous, strange, and frightening has been happening with my life the past four years or so. I am 43 years old and have been diabetic since I was in the 6th grade. I am also deaf in both ears with the use of a hearing aid in my right ear. After 27 years of diabetes my kidney failed and I got a transplant about two years after that. Thanks to the Lord, this transplant has been working wonderfully now for almost seven years. 

Six years ago I moved to Austin, Texas to try and get a degree. In the fall and winter of 1997 I began to hear voices and to see things. this started about mid-November when I drove home to my parent's to spend the holiday with them. They lived about four and a half hours from Austin. I almost wrecked a few times as I drove there. This was the beginning of my battle with the Devil Himself and his demons. 

After the holiday I went back to school and was barely able to finish the semester. At this point, they started to Demonize me terribly. I sat in my apartment for days, fighting this intrusion. God allowed me to continue to take my shots and eat my meals. 

During this time I did preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole of the demonic world, by the Grace and Power of my Lord, Jesus Christ. Afterward, I was continuously attacked and bombarded by demons. This included, but was not limited to, voices in my mind, visions of Hell and other places, and a continuous degradation in my health. 

After what I think was several days, I tried to pack up and drive to my parent's for Christmas. I was not able to do this and was barely able to drive back to my apartment. I again was attacked for, I think, a day or so. My sister-in-law came over and knocked on my doors and windows and by the Grace of God I heard her and let her in. She told me they, my family, had been trying to contact me for days. We got me packed up and she started to drive me to meet my parents. However, I began to go in and out of consciousness - except that I was able to know what was happening around me. 

She took me to the hospital and they started to do treat me as if I had cardiac arrest. I vividly remember what they did. They started to strip me and set me up for IV's and then used the cardiac arrest machine to try and restart my heart. They tried for several minutes and then the doctor used his penlight to shine into my eyes. The next thing they did was to stop all activity and walk away. After a time, I was able to get up and reach my sister-in-law. We left and went on to meet my parents. They took me straight to the hospital. I think I was at Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas for about a week or maybe two. The doctor's there eventually took out my gall bladder because they could not find anything else wrong with me, physically. 

While I was there in the hospital I continued to have visions, dreams, and perhaps hallucinations. All of this was related in that the Devil and his angels would not leave me alone. I don't have many memories of the doctor's and nurses, but I "woke" up with my hands tied to the bed rails. I have many memories of what the Devil Himself and his angels did. 

My parent's took me their house, about two hours north east of Houston. My demonization did not slow down nor stop. At my parent's house I had many weird things happen to me. At one point I escaped from the house at night and went walking around for hours. It was very cold and rainy that night. I remember walking around for hours with voices and what felt like touches. My step-father made me come home with him early in the morning. 

The next morning I asked my parent's to help me get medical help. I asked them to find a Psychiatrist who was a Christian. All of this happened in the last few weeks of December and perhaps into January. After being interviewed by a psychologist and psychiatrist, the doctor admitted me to his hospital. 

Many things happened during my stay there, more than I can tell here. He kept me there for, I think, two weeks. I can only remember most of one of them. The doctor stated me on some medicine and sent me home to my parents. This began a four year period of medication and doctor visits, for medication review. 

During this time, I convinced the doctor to take me off the Zyprexa I had been on. This is a fairly new psychotropic medication. After a few weeks of no medication I began to feel much better. Only, I was again attacked by the Devil and his minions. He even convinced me to lay down and just let nature take it's course and let my self die. Thank God, He would not allow that to happen. 

So, I called my parents and they again took me to Hermann Hospital. This time, they did not find anything wrong with me. I was just unable to do anything other than lay in bed or sleep. After a week of this, they got the Psychiatric doctors to look at me. After several days they recommended a doctor for me to see and told me where I should go. However, I had no money or any kind of I.D. with me and refused to leave the hospital. They eventually  sent me by cab to the new doctor's hospital. I spent a week there and they let go home. This time they put me on Seroquel. That was last year sometime. 

A little after Thanksgiving this year, I "woke up". I have no other way of explaining what happened. It was as if I had been asleep the previous four years. In the past month, there have been miracles in my life. The Holy Spirit is fully with me, my diabetes is  improving very quickly, my eye sight is improving almost daily- even to the extent I may be able to drive at night for the first time in about ten years (I would like to be able to go to Sunday Bible Study and Wednesday Night Bible Study), I have lost about ten pounds of the eighty I put on while on the psychiatric medication ( I am still taking it until the doctor takes me off), and most of all - I have been able to fight the Devil and his hordes. 

I can hear them talking all the time and it doesn't cause any problems. I believe the Holy Spirit is doing this so I can gain and overcome them. They are trying very hard to retain their grip on my mind. They are DEFINITELY losing and they know it. I believe it will not be long until they either leave of their own accord or are forced to leave by my standing in faith in Jesus. 

Thank God for our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! I wanted to share my story so others can see the Victory and Power of our Lord. The Bible says,"Stand against the Devil and he will flee!". This is true but many people may not realize it may take a long time to attain victory. God has helped me to grow in Christ and become a better Christian through this time of testing.  

Thank you for listening to my story.    

In Christ's Love, Phillip