My name is Missy.  I became saved in late 1999. I was raised Catholic and always knew that Jesus was God's Son and that He died for my sins. But I never truly understood the full implications of it. My parents were twice a year Catholics (go to church only on Easter and Christmas Eve) while I was young but as I grew up, that didn't even happen.

My father was an abusive alcoholic. My mother was physically, emotionally and mentally abusive to me.  I was never good enough, pretty enough or smart enough for anything.

My teenage years were filled with drug use, alcohol use, and promiscuity. I ran away when I was 16 and was put into a foster home because I couldn't handle the abuse in my home any more. My behavior became worse. I know now the Lord was watching over me because I never got pregnant, never caught any disease and was never in trouble with the police. I was kicked out of my foster home and moved back with my parents because I had no choice.

Shortly after my 18th birthday I moved out and got married.  My husband was an alcoholic and was never there emotionally for me or the kids. He hit me on one occasion and threw me across the room on another. I knew when I took my vows that I would never be faithful to my husband and I wasn't. My first affair happened 7 months after I got married. I had another at 4 years of marriage. 

I then heard God calling me and started going to church. I got involved with the local Catholic church and was involved with bible study. I had a friend bring me to her church. She was saved and was urging me to accept Christ and get away from the Catholic church. I thought she was wacko! God also put a neighbor across the street from me who was a pastor. He and his wife also witnessed to me. However, I didn't listen to His call. Soon after I was back to my old ways and had several more affairs.

During one affair I was having I heard someone quote a scripture, that I really liked and I wanted to find it for myself. So I looked it up and found that it was about committing adultery and how it was a sin not about what the person was talking about. My first initial thought was of shock and fear. I knew what I was doing was sinful, but yet I didn't care. I looked up the passage again to make sure I had it right, it was the same passage. I did this 4 times, and always it was the same passage. I closed the bible and didn't open it again for 4 years. Life went on.

I was not happy in my marriage or my life. I wanted to die. The only thing that was keeping me alive was the thought of my children being raised by my husband. I couldn't handle that. So I left my ex after almost 9 years of marriage and moved back in with my parents. Shortly after I met Rick. My divorce went through and Rick and I got married a few months after that. Life was good. I was content, happy, and had no depression. I knew that the Lord had sent Rick to me. Rick is a wonderful gift from the Lord.

We moved to Colorado in 1998. I started working for a major grocery chain in their divisional offices in 1999. There I met a wonderful woman named Norma, who witnessed to me. To me, she is a wonderful example of what being Christ-like is. She is very knowledgeable about the bible, end-time prophecies, etc. She is very kind and compassionate and just radiates Christ's light. She witnessed to me at every opportunity.  We talked alot about what the bible says and what I needed to do to have eternal life. I didn't accept what she said at first because I thought I was fine. 

Then one day she gave me several books to read about the rapture and end times events. One night while I was reading one of the books, I read a passage about how you can't sit on the fence, you have to make a decision either way. I realized that where I was in my life was not where the Lord wanted me to be. I fell on my knees and planted my face and repented of all my past sins. I cried more than I have ever cried in my life. I turned my life over to Christ, accepted Him as my personal savior. The burden that I felt, the heaviness in my chest was gone. I felt indescribable joy, relief, calmness. Rick became saved that same night. Within a week, my children were also saved.

It has not been easy, being a Christian. We have lost many friends since that day. We have gone through many trials since we gave our lives to the Lord and we fell away earlier this year, when I got sick and couldn't figure out why the Lord would do such a thing. After a few months, we realized what we were doing was wrong.  I heard God calling me again.  So we had Norma come over and pray over us.  We rededicated our lives to Christ that night. Since then we have been strong in our faith.

I know that I have alot to work on in my daily walk, but I know that with the Lord by my side, I will have victory. For He has already won.

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