I am a 13 year old kid in this world. I have had a hard childhood you could say. You see when I was only 9 my mother was put into a mental hospital for trying to kill herself because of the pressures of an abusive husband telling her she was stupid and getting up into her face and me and brothers faces.

My dad found out about my mom and he got custody of us kids. I had to move from all of my family in Kansas to Arkansas. I had to start a new school make new friends and miss my family.

Soon after I moved my mother did proceeded to kill herself. That was such a hard time for me. Then I started hanging out with all the wrong people but I was still going to church. I didn't know one major thing I guess, the fact that the bible states you cant two masters for you will hate one, at this time.

So I preceded to hang out with druggies, people who stole, and did witch craft. I started even doing all this stuff, but was still going to church. I was baptised when I was 11, I didn't even know the meaning I guess.

I moved again, I was so stupid I would play truth or dare with older guys and you know what they think. My older brothers friend played one time, he was one of those people who made me feel good we did some bad things together almost had sex even, I'm so glad that God stopped that from happening though.

Not to long after that I went to a new a church and went to church camp. I realized there I didn't need drugs or guys or boos or witchcraft to make me happy. I felt like I was the little kid who was into God again and was recommitted at church camp.

God has blessed me since then, I got rid of my step-family which are still into drugs and stuff, unfortunately. I got to go to Christian school make Christian friends and be able to tell others that God still does miracles, look at me.

I thank God for coming back into my life. I just wanna live for him now. You see even right now I'm living in a family that needs God, I pray for them, but like now I know even if I do live in this kind of broken home with no I love yous or hugs, I know my God takes care of me and he loves me.

I always try to remember Romans 8:28. I know that I'm angry or sad or lonely God is still there and he loves me. Thanks be to God without him I would be nothing