This is my testimony of the Lord's goodness to me, enabling me to go on through hard times. I know if it wasn't for Him I wouldn't have been the joy I do in life.

In Dec. 1992 my wife was arrested for the murder of our nine month old daughter, Natasha, which I was told she was responsible for. The alleged crime was initially treated as S.I.D.S.Our daughter died a year and a half earlier, so I didn't know WHAT to believe.

So in just a period of two weeks I lost my family, our three year old daughter Jennifer was adopted out to my cousin in November then my wife was arrested Dec 7th.

It was a very dark time in my life and I wasn't sure how I was going to go on. I was fired from my job on the day of my wife's arrest in a town with very little future in it.

However, the Lord took care of me.

I found work just about the time my money ran out, and I was able to visit my wife over the years. The Lord has given me many times the grace and sense of humor to keep on through this. I can't pretend it's easy. There are guards at the prison who take great pleasure in causing as much pain as possible in the inmates AND their families who visit...emotional or otherwise. I've had to daily seek Him for forgiveness for my attitude towards them.

One of our friends died of cancer because the guards ignored her pleas to see a doctor. She was in tremendous pain. When her family threatened to sue they relented, but by then her cancer had spread throughout her body, and she died the month of her release from prison. There have been others who died of neglect.

I've learned how very much like us the prison population is, although the darkness in some guards and some inmates can still shock me, after ten years of week-end visits. I have to wonder if given the right set of circumstances I'd allow that much hate or evil to rule my life? Without Christ, would I be any different? Maybe I'd just be a more polite killer? Killing in my heart every single day.

Without Christ in my life, I know I'd be capable of anything. He has given me a lot of joy and laughter, and hope. We can still laugh at ourselves, my wife and I still have peace. She has changed a GREAT deal over the years because of Him in her life!