I am a married 28 year old woman with two daughters aged 3 and 6.  I had thrown out my husband and became pretty much a scarlet woman.  I wanted to have fun, I wanted someone to love me, want me and need me.  I searched my home town looking for a man and found quite a few, including a navy military officer.  I became a lost woman, trying to be a mum, trying to keep house and all the time searching for that 'perfect guy'.  

Now, with my life being busy you wouldn't think I bothered about anything, but suddenly I felt lost, alone and desperate.  I became severely depressed and contemplated suicide.  My reason for this was even my own mother, brothers and grandparents couldn't find five minutes to spend with little old me.  I had family and yet I felt so alone.  

One night I was so desperate I thought about how I would kill myself,  I had tablets from the doctor in the bathroom, I could finish the bottle, easy I thought, and yet as I sat on my own while my daughters slept upstairs I knew I couldn't do it to them; and so I cried and cried and cried.  

Then to my shock my younger brother who smoked cannibas and lived in sin came to me.  When I complained about my husband and why he made me kick him out, my brother said "forgive him".  "How on earth can I forgive him after everything he's done?"  He answered by spreading his arms out wide and said "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do."  I smiled.  

I went to Zion Pentecostal church and cried some more.  Finally, after taking a huge leap of faith and a prayer that asked the Lord to forgive me for my sins, I asked the Lord to help my unbelief.   And there it was, the Holy Spirit came upon me and I cried again, only this time for joy.  

I sat in the Lord's presence for around three hours and didn't want to leave it.  Praise God!!!  I ended it with my navy feller, he was very upset and he couldn't understand why, so I told him all about Jesus and what He had done for me, and told him to go to a Pentecostal where he was based.  He did, his pastor contacted my pastor, I praise God for everything and thank him for all.  

Not to end this testimony yet, I became a mum, I was a mum and so I would be a mum.  With lots of prayer and faith my husband and I worked things out and now we are a family again only this time, Jesus is the head of our household.  

Thank you for listening to me even if it is no good to encourage others.  What Jesus did for me and for my ex and for my family is...I have no words.  To finally bring it to a close, I found the man I had been looking for my whole life. Amen.

Yours in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ, 


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