I was raised in a small town in Massachusetts, with a Catholic upbringing, I was even an altar boy. I stopped going to church in 11th grade, but I told my parents I was going just to get out of the house. I believed church was boring. I had a "good" upbringing - father & mother both loved me, no divorce or abuse.

I graduated in 1978, went to college and dropped out - and Sept of 79 enlisted in the Navy for 3 years. Through all these years I lived life in the fast lane, apart from God. Its amazing how I can look back and see how many times I was saved from life and death situations, and I didn't know Christ. I would have gone to hell !

Good changes in my life started when I met my wife, Karen, who was also in the Navy (I was her boss). We married in 1983. I was still not saved, but she was. We had our 1st son that year, and my mother died in December (she had MS about 8 years). I can remember crying at the funeral, but it didn't bring me any closer to God.

I was working in the real estate field, making lots of money. I had one of the nicest homes in my town, 2 new vehicles, and a new in ground heated swimming pool. I still wasn't satisfied. Sin in my life was snowballing - big and fast.

My wife had tried to get me to go to church with her, and even brought her pastor to our house to talk. The 1st time I was courteous, only because I wanted to sell him a house. After that, I avoided him and left when he came over.

By 1986 we had 2 boys, and I was only making church twice a year - Christmas and Easter. It was the Easter Sunday of this year, that I went to my wife's church, and conviction came over me after the message was preached. I went forward to the altar knowing I needed a change in my life, and another preacher brought me aside and showed me some scripture in the Bible, and I said "I believe".

I didn't know any Bible verses, I didn't know the books of the Bible, I even pronounced the "p" in Psalms!

But this I know, that I received Christ as my Saviour, and big changes had began to take place in mine & Karen's life.

We sold everything in 2 months and moved to Pennsylvania. God led us to a good church, but we had 3 years of trials and tribulations! But God graciously gave us 2 more children. Still, I was not trusting in God for everything. I even said to my wife "You don't think I can get a job without God?" She was right.

At the end of the 3rd year in PA I decided to "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not to thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

1990 we moved to Alabama with no money, or job, or home lined up. We had a 26' Ryder truck with all our stuff.

God has been so faithful, that we have never regretted committing all to him. We've been down here 11 years and we have had 5 more children and the 10th was due 3 days ago. I could give countless examples of blessings he has brought through trials. Our trials have been adventures because of our close walk with God. The Bible says, "Draw nigh to me, and I will draw nigh to you." How can we fear when Jesus is near?

Our children are - Michael, Jeremiah, Kimberly, Gabriel, Kristian, Benjamin, Jennifer, Samuel, Abigail, and Nathan will be here soon. And so will Christ!

Praise the Lord

Daniel (God's Pet!)

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