I am Mechanical Engineer aged 22, I got saved in college at the age of 20.

My position before my conversion:

My upbringing has been in a GOD fearing Catholic family. But I never took religion seriously. I was very secular in my thoughts. I thought all religion was useless and the best thing was to do good to others. Sometimes I wondered GOD was human psychology. I always use to wonder if GOD can ever be found in the religions of the world. I use to pray as a ritual either to Mary or to Jesus not too sure if they existed but as a need. I was a regular SUNDAY mass goer but more out of parent pressure than faith, eagerly waiting for the hour to passby. Later in my teens (16 to 19) as one gets morally corrupt, i lost interest in anything that had to do with GOD. I was satisfied with enjoying life and seeing others happy .

The Turning point : JUNE 2000

This was the THIRD year of my Engineering. One of my classmate who was a HINDU was preaching about CHRIST to one of my friends, as being the only way for SALVATION. I overheard their conversation and intervened. I said, wait a minute I am a catholic and I have never heard this before. I told him that this is just not possible. I also told him that one could not be sure that CHRIST was a part of human history. Even if he had to be, his teachings are too hard for these times. I also told him that if he could show me that there is a GOD i would be ready to serve him.

He invited me over to put forth my doubts, as i was serious in this regard I did turn up with some difficult questions.

Some of his answers were convincing. He then told me about the BIBLE and some interesting things about it.

That day i said the sinners prayer although not with full conviction. I had a NEW TESTAMENT at home, so i started reading the GOSPELS. AS i read, i noticed one thing: this person CHRIST was preaching as if he knew everything. He had special comments on every issue and dealings with the people he met. Also his teachings (sermon on the mount, loving your enemies e.t.c) made an indelible impact on me. Also his promise " I will come and receive you to my side". Day by day i saw a change in myself and i was sensing something was happening to me, as i read the gospels. The punchline of the message was "that my death was not to be the end of me". My heart said "If ever I wanted a GOD then it had to be this one".

My struggle : In my teens I got addicted to LUST. Also I had heard of Darwins theory. These two things always played on my mind during my search for GOD. I thought if what I believed (about CHRIST) was wrong, i was wasting my time and missing out on the pleasure of my vices. But one question in my heart goaded me on " Where did man come from? " "Secondly, there is no other creature comparable with man, we are so different from the rest". Later i found out that Darwin's theory was just a theory and was not backed by fossil records, also it had may missing links.

Miraculous healing: During this time (OCTOBER), I read in Mathews "Ask in my name and you shall receive". I am a Asthama and allergic patient since childhood. i cannot have pulses. I decided to give it a try, but it failed. I did tell my friend about it the other day. But by this time I was touched by CHRIST's message so i did not give up my faith. In the days to follow I made up mind and finally received CHRIST as my personal saviour. During this time a christian channel called MIRACLENET was launched, which proved a great help to me. On DEC 17th one of the preachers preached on healing. This stirred my spirit and gave me the courage to believe GOD for a miracle. The following day I was healed miraculously. It was GOD'S verdict saying "That CARL you have not believed in vain". Although I am not completely healed but now I can have peas which I could not have earlier. This day I will never forget, primarily because I was a sckeptic as far as miracles were concerned.

My new identity: Today I am a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN, sure that the penalty for my sins have been paid for by my saviour and lord JESUS. I know for sure that though I may die someday I will LIVE because MY REEDEMER LIVES. God has changed me in my walk with different people, making me more sensitive towards others. He has also helped me overcome my addiction to lust and has given me a desire to live a holy life. He has put a joy on my face and I cannot stop smiling. He has turned me from an introvert to an extrovert. Although I still have many weaknesses, but I am sure HE will see me through them.

I humourously call him the GOD of ABRAHAM, ISSAC, JACOB and CARL...