My name is Brandon. I am 15 years old and live in Lexington, TN. My parents are racist and used to take me to church every once and a while. I never understood why everyone went to church, it seemed so obvious that there was no God and they were wasting their time. I assumed they just went because everyone else went. So I went for a while and was never saved, they told me I was saved because I was baptised when I was about 1 year old. So I believed them and I thought I was saved.

As I got older I started really hating church. So I decided that Christianity was boring and I tried Wicca for a while. It was pretty cool but I never understood why none of the spells and crap worked. And everyone I talked to on the internet said the spells worked for them.

I got out of Wicca cause it never worked for me and met a new friend who was an agnostic and I also became one. I decided it was stupid to worry about God since I believed he was fake and I didn't wanna waste my time with him.

So after a while I started watching pornography like every single day and downloading as much as I could. I completely forgot about God and my soul. And I just sinned all the time and didn't care at all, I had had a bible since I was like 10 and I never read even a single page of it.

Then I met a Christian friend, he never tried to witness to me though cause I said I was a Christian (because my parents said I was). So I met a few more Christian friends.

Then 1 day my old agnostic friend was on the net, and they started witnessing to him and invited me into the convo. And I acted like a Christian and tried to help witness to him. Finally he started to believe what we were saying. Then my other friend typed in a prayer for him to say, and told him to say it and mean it with all his heart (It was a prayer asking for forgiveness for your sins and for Jesus Christ to come into your life and help cleanse you of those sins).

And I just decided I would say it to, so as I was saying it I started crying and I meant it with ALL my heart. Then when we stopped praying I felt this awesome feeling, I felt really light and had this REAL good tingling feeling all over, it was the best feeling I EVER had. I didn't stop smiling for about 5 hours.

I deleted all the pornography, and I completely changed. All of my other friends freaked out, because 1 day at school I was cussing all the time and talking about porno and crap, and then the next day I was not cussing and I was talking about Jesus Christ.

At first it was hard to quit cussing and some other things, but now I haven't cussed in about 2 weeks or so. Haven't looked at pornography but 1 time since I was saved (it was because I invited an old friend over and I was next to him and he started looking at it and I just tried to ignore him and watch tv instead).

So Jesus Christ has completely changed my life and after I was saved I felt like a completely new person. I was saved October 10, 2001. I try to go to church every Sunday and now its actually really cool. I started out as a member of the First United Methodist Church, this church was the one that lied to me and told me I was saved when I wasn't, this church almost cost me an eternity in hell. LUCKILY my friends helped bring me to the Lord and now I attend church with them at the First Baptist Church, this is a good church and they don't lie to you.

If your not saved, don't put it off and plan on getting saved at a more "convenient" time. The time to come to the Lord is now, we don't know what tomorrow may hold.

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