by Todd Strandberg

What is a conspiracy?

Webster defines a conspiracy as: “the joining together in a secret agreement to do unlawful acts.” Christian conspiracy buffs would see the unlawful acts as the replacement of our current democratic government with one that's autocratic. The vehicle for this action is the formation of a New World Order.

Who are the conspirators?

The conspiracy involves a host of groups. Some of the bigger ones are the Illuminati, the Masons, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-lateral Commission, and the Club of Rome. A very high percentage of government officials belong to one or more of these organizations.

Do they really control world affairs?

Even if the workings of these groups are carried out clandestinely, we still can prove whether they control world affairs by asking some logical questions:

  • If these organizations have men in all branches of government, why don't they just bring forth the policies they were put there to implement?
  • Why do they fight against each other if they're on the same team? Many conspiracy buffs say there is no difference between Democrats or Republicans because many of these parties' key players hold membership in various conspiracy organizations.
  • If they worked against each other, which they clearly do, how can you say they have the same goal in mind?"

Evidence is Everything

If someone told you something that you found difficult to believe, you would ask that person for some evidence to support his claim. When a speaker addresses Christians and makes allegations that defy common sense, rarely does someone ask for some proof. Today, there are too many cases of hucksters peddling stories with the sole intention of selling books and tapes to gullible Christians. It's only prudent to ask the orator or yourself some questions.

Some Good Examples and Some Good Questions

    • In the past, I have heard about UFOs flying over cities and landing at Air Forces bases and meeting with the President.
      How could UFOs fly over a major city and not have 10,000 photos or films result from the fly over? What President would meet with aliens and not tell the public?
    • The government is setting up concentration camps throughout the U.S. to intern Christians.
      Where are these camps? Are there former government officials who can validate this claim?
    • The 1929 stock market crash was planned by men like J.P. Morgan and the Rockefellers.
      If they knew what was happening, then why did they lose money just like everyone else? Why do these families now possess only a trace of their former wealth?
    • The current and former U.S. presidents have ordered the killings of people who disagreed with them.
      Why haven't you pressed for murder chargers? Why do you report it like it was yesterday's news?
    • Each year, 1 million children are kidnapped and murdered by satanic cults.
      If satanists were killing 1 million children a year, doesn't this mean that 25 percent of the 4 million newborns are being murdered annually? What would be the chances of making it to one's 12th birthday?
    • Every day, suitcases with $1 billion in $100 notes are flown out of JFK airport destined for Russia.
      How can you have $365 billion flowing out every year? Our trade deficit is only $125 billion. How could they possibly pack 10 million $100 bills into those suitcases to equal $1 billion?
    • Illuminati is having people raped so to destroy their minds and turn them into mindless robots which the Illuminati then sends out to assassinate those who stand in the way of the New World Order.
      I have no question here. It would be too risky. I would need to lower my IQ to the point at which my brain would be in danger of stalling out. All I can say is, "This does not compute...does not compute....does not compute."

In each of these examples, none of the speakers offered any evidence to support their assertions.

Why These Speakers Make Their False Claims

Speakers make false claims to receive the praise of men and to benefit financially. Sometimes, conspiracy teachers fool themselves into believing false information. If you look hard enough for evidence to fit a theory, you will eventually find what you are looking for. Some evidence may be coincidental or manufactured out of a desire to support a theory, so skepticism can be your best friend when it comes to discerning the truth.

The True Conspiracy

As conspiracy hunters run around looking for secret groups, the ones doing the real mischief are doing it right in the open. Take a look at the news media. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and PBS are all liberally controlled organizations. In these networks, all of the editors are liberal, the anchors are liberal, and 90% of the staff members are liberal. What do these liberals believe? They are in favor of abortion on demand, gay rights, atheism, socialism, and a one-world government. It is ironic, because if Christian conservatives held 100% of the top positions and 90% of the lower positions in the news media, the liberals would scream bloody murder and call for hiring quotas to balance the inequality. The situation is the same at our schools and universities. When we consider that only about 25% of the population is identified as liberal, in the same way the media would, we should ask, "How did this concentration of liberalism occur?" I believe Satan did his planning well by getting people of his same mind into these positions. The devil, by having these people in control of the media, can steer the country down whatever path he chooses.

Playing into the Devil's Hand

Christians waste too much time trying to figure out what this secret group is scheming or what connection this personality has to a conspiracy organization. When they compile this information and share it with others, it does no good because it's baseless. It does harm by causing non-Christians to think we believers are wacko. Lately, Satan is using the fears of conspiracy addicts to further his own goals. Those who bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City gave support to the media, and they created a growth industry for federal agents.

Reporters in Sheep's Clothing

I have seen several examples of how the news media is using the militia movement to advance its own agendas. A militia group is approached by a news reporter, who appears interested in what the movement is about. The proud militia member shows off his guns and survival gear, and he and his fellow members give a live training demonstration. The militia member is happy to have the national coverage, so it seems a good deal. That is, until the media returns to New York and puts its own spin on the footage. After the final cut and the reporter's voice-overs are added, you would think the story was about the Third Reich. The story is not a documentary about the militia movement, which is what the foolish militia members thought the visit was about. Instead, it airs as a call for more federal protection against dangerous hate groups. How ironic that the very thing the militias organized to stop, they, with the aid of the press, end up promoting.

Wrestling Not Against Flesh and Blood

Paul said in Ephesians 6:12, "We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against high places." Too much time is being spent on combating earthly organizations. We should really be focusing more of our energy on the powers behind the powers. When Daniel spoke with the angel in Daniel, Chapter 10, the angel talked of being in battle with the prince of Persia. This was the current government that ruled the land. The angel then said, "The prince of Grecia shall come," and the Grecian Empire did come after the Persian Empire. Both had a prince or demon over them, and through prayer we are able to aid the forces of good in combating demonic forces. When the Church is removed from this earth in the rapture, demonic forces will rush in like a tidal wave. It would be very wise of us to be ready for our Lord's return, because anyone left behind will be unprotected from the devil's horde.