Arthur Zepp was part of the Holiness movement of the early 1900s. Because he was a very modest individual, there is very little personal information about him on the web. The scant commentary that does relate to Rev. Zepp is exclusively focused on his writings. Several of his books have become Christian classics.


1. Author's Explanatory Remarks
2. Definitions Of Conscience
3. Scripture Sense Of The Term
4. Proof Of The Existence Of Conscience
5. Conscience Unperverted An Inestimable Blessing
6. Individual Conscience Not An Infallible Guide
7. The Safe Guide
8. An Evil Conscience
9. Evidences Of An Alarmed Conscience
10. A Pure Conscience As Evidenced By Manner Of Living
11. Relation Of A Right Conscience To Power With God
12. A Pure Conscience And Moral Accidents­ The Emergency Promise
13. The Difference Between An Accusing And A Condemning Conscience
14. Relation Of The Holy Spirit To A Pure Conscience
15. Conscience And Confession Of Sin
16. Preaching To Conscience
17. Miscellaneous

Progress After Entire Sanctification

Chapter 1: Advancement After Entire Sanctification
Chapter 2: Progress In Quantity, Not In Quality
Chapter 3: Distinctions Between Purity And Maturity
Chapter 4: Forgetting And Pressing
Chapter 5: Much Land Ahead To Be Possessed
Chapter 6: New Manifestations
Chapter 7: Refreshings
Chapter 8: Increasing In The Knowledge Of God
Chapter 9: Perpetuation Of Entire Consecration
Chapter 10: Perpetuation Of Consecration And The Will
Chapter 11: Perpetuation Of Consecration, Obedience And Faith
Chapter 12: Obstacles To Progress
Chapter 13: Practical Suggestions
Chapter 14: Adapting Holiness To Every Day Life
Chapter 15: Grace Does Not Necessitate Perfect Knowledge Or Mature Character
Chapter 16: Mistaken Professors
Chapter 17: Exaggeration In Testimony
Chapter 18: Appendage Chapter: Entire Sanctification

Demon Activity In The Last Times

Chapter 1: More Than Conquerors Through Christ
Chapter 2: Satan One Demons Many
Chapter 3: Special Periods Of Demon Activity
Chapter 4: God Possessed Or Demon Possessed?
Chapter 5: Types Of Demons In The Physical Universe
Chapter 6: How Demons Enter
Chapter 7: Marks Of Possession
Chapter 8: How Demons Are Benefited By Possessing Mankind
Chapter 9: Characteristics Of Demons
Chapter 10: Concrete Cases
Chapter 11: The How Of Deliverance
Chapter 12: Remarks
Chapter 13: Devices And Wiles Of Satan
Chapter 14: Concisely Stated Facts
Chapter 15: Spiritualism Is A Form Of Demon Possession