Seth Rees was born at Westfield, Indiana, August 6, 1854. His parents, Zechariah and Luzena Rees, were faithful Quakers from North Carolina. The Friends academy at Westfield furnished Seth with what formal education he was to receive. In March 1873, Seth was converted. Just after his 19th birthday, he attended the Quaker quarterly meeting in Westfield. Under the Spiritís prompting, Seth mounted a pile of dirt and preached his first sermon. He became known as the "Earthquaker" for his strong preaching of holiness. Even in the last months of his life he kept trying to carry on the ministry. On his sick bed he prayed constantly for the missionaries and dictated letters to them. On his last weekend, he whispered faintly to Paul S. Rees, his preacher-son, "Iím almost home!" He arrived "home" on Monday morning, May 22, 1933.


Chapter 1: Opening Words
Chapter 2: Composed of Regenerated Souls
Chapter 3: A Clean Church
Chapter 4: A Powerful Church
Chapter 5: A Powerful Church -- (Continued)
Chapter 6: A Witnessing Church
Chapter 7: Knows No Gender
Chapter 8: A Liberal Church
Chapter 9: A Demonstrative Church
Chapter 10: Is Magnetic, Attractive
Chapter 11: Puts the People Under Conviction
Chapter 12: Has Healthy Converts


Chapter 1: The Holy war (Eph. vi: 10-11)
Chapter 2: The Spirit of the Gospel (Isa. lxi: 1-2)
Chapter 3: Monarch Born in a Stable (Isa. ix: 6-7)
Chapter 4: The Besetting Sin (Heb. xii: 1-4)
Chapter 5: The Conquest of Canaan (Joh. xiii: 1)
Chapter 6: Messenger of the Covenant (Mal. iii: 1-4)
Chapter 7: Our Father's Care (Isa. xlix: 16)
Chapter 8: Laborers with God (1 Cor. iii: 9)
Chapter 9: Joy and Strength (Neh. viii: 10)
Chapter 10: Holiness Unto the Lord (2 Peter I: 21)
Chapter 11: The Good Spirit of the Lord (Neh. ix: 20)
Chapter 12: The Resurrection (Mark xvi, 1-14)
Chapter 13: The Perfection which God Requires (Phil. iii, 8-15)


Chapter 1: Fire from Heaven (Matt. iii. 11)
Chapter 2: Established in Christ (II. Cor. i. 21, 22)
Chapter 3: God's Choice of Instruments (I. Cor. i. 27, 28)
Chapter 4: Stephen's Fullness (Acts vi. 5)
Chapter 5: The True Saint (Isaiah xxxiii. 14-16)
Chapter 6: Rooted and Grounded (Col. ii. 6, 7)
Chapter 7: Abounding Grace (Rom. v.20)
Chapter 8: The Secret of the Lord (Psalm xxv. 14)
Chapter 9: Exploits (Daniel ii. 32)
Chapter 10: A Larger Outlook (Isaiah liv. 2)
Chapter 11: Abundant Resources (II. Cor. ix. 8)
Chapter 12: More than Conquerors (Rom. viii. 37)
Chapter 13: This is That (Acts ii. 16-18)
Chapter 14: The Holy Place (Psalm xxiv. 3, 4)
Chapter 15: Call of Rebekah (Gen. xxiv. 34-36)
Chapter 16: Blessings in Disguise (Psalm lxvi. 12)


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