Born in 1926, Dave enjoyed the advantages of a godly upbringing and a fellowship of Christians sometimes known as Plymouth Brethren. Just before entering high school, he placed his trust in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord. In 1973, he began writing books dealing with heretical teachings that have crept into the Church. Dave heads a ministry called The Berean Call. It can be reached at


1 Faith, Works & the Holy Spirit
2 God as You Conceive Him/Her/It
3 A Cup of Trembling
4 All the Counsel of God
5 Back to the Bible "Code"?
6 Baptismal Regeneration?
7 Church, Tradition or Christ?
8 God's Word: Our Guard and Guide?
9 In Defense of the Faith
10 Political/Social Activism?
11 "Pre-Wrath" Or "Pre-Trib" Rapture?
12 The Sufficiency of God's Word
13 The Christian Life
14 The Christian Mission
15 The Finality of the Cross
16 The Great Snare
17 The Hope of the Gospel
18 The Incarnation
19 The Way of Balaam
20 Time & Eternity
21 Unity and Truth
22 What's Happening to the Faith?
23 Why Christ Came
24 I Will Build My Church