Samuel Logan Brengle (1860-1936) was an American Methodist born in Indiana who joined the Salvation Army in the 1890s. He was mightily used of the Lord--even more so through his many books, which were chiefly written during a convalescence following being badly injured while street preaching. He was described by one observer as a kindly, literate and articulate man who left good memories with nearly everyone he met.


Chapter 1: Love-Slaves
Chapter 2: 'A Man In Christ'
Chapter 3: Future Punishment And The Bible
Chapter 4: I Counted...And I Count
Chapter 5: The Angels Song Of Peace
Chapter 6: Misrepresenting God
Chapter 7: Confessing Other People's Sins
Chapter 8: The Dangers Of Middle Age
Chapter 9: Maintaining The Holiness Standard
Chapter 10: The Terror Of The Lord
Chapter 11: Holy Covetousness
Chapter 12: A Common Yet Subtle Sin
Chapter 13: Sins Against Chastity
Chapter 14: Whitened Harvest Fields
Chapter 15: Encouraging One Another
Chapter 16: How A Nobody Became A Somebody
Chapter 17: You
Chapter 18: My Testimony

The Soul-Winner's Secret

Chapter 1: The Personal Experience Of The Soul Winner
Chapter 2: Obedience
Chapter 3: Prayer
Chapter 4: Zeal
Chapter 5: Spiritual Leadership
Chapter 6: Redeeming The Time
Chapter 7: The Studies Of The Soul-Winner
Chapter 8: Health
Chapter 9: The Renewing Of Power
Chapter 10: An Undivided Heart
Chapter 11: Finance
Chapter 12: Saving Truth
Chapter 13: Keeping The Flock
Chapter 14: The Soul-Winner And The Children
Chapter 15: The Soul-Winner's Commission To The Children
Chapter 16: Deal Gently
Chapter 17: "So Spake"
Chapter 18: Importance And Benefits Of Bible Study
Chapter 19: King David's Use Of His Bible

The Way Of Holiness

Chapter 1: What Is Holiness?
Chapter 2: Why Should We Be Holy?
Chapter 3: How To Get Holiness
Chapter 4: When Can We Be Made Holy?
Chapter 5: Holiness: A Love Service
Chapter 6: Holiness And The Sanctification Of The Body
Chapter 7: Holiness And Unconscious Influence
Chapter 8: Holiness And Humility
Chapter 9: How To Keep Holiness
Chapter 10: Holiness And Zeal For Souls
Chapter 11: Holiness And Worry
Chapter 12: Holiness And Duty
Chapter 13: Holiness And Prayer

Heart Talks On Holiness

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Chapter 1: Death Of 'The Old Man'
Chapter 2: Holiness: What It Is Not, And What It Is
Chapter 3: Holiness: How To Get It
Chapter 4: Hindrances To Holiness
Chapter 5: The Outcome Of A Clean Heart
Chapter 6: How To Keep A Clean Heart
Chapter 7: Holiness Before The Flood; Or, Do You Walk With God?
Chapter 8: Paul A Pattern
Chapter 9: Testify To The Blessing
Chapter 10: Knowing Jesus
Chapter 11: Freedom From Sin
Chapter 12: Wrestlers With God
Chapter 13: Union With Jesus
Chapter 14: In God's School
Chapter 15: Holiness And Self-Denial
Chapter 16: Spiritual Power
Chapter 17: Jesus -- The Working Man
Chapter 18: The Legacy Of Holiness
Chapter 19: Thanksgiving
Chapter 20: 'Don't Flinch'
Chapter 21: Faith Is What You Want
Chapter 22: Practical Lessons Of The Resurrection
Chapter 23: Evil-Speaking
Chapter 24: How To Study The Bible
Chapter 25: How To Prepare For The Meeting
Chapter 26: A Word To You Who Would Be Useful
Chapter 27: Fools For Christ's Sake

Helps To Holiness

Chapter 1: Holiness -- What Is It?
Chapter 2: Holiness -- How To Get It
Chapter 3: Hindrances To Obtaining The Blessing
Chapter 4: The Temptations Of A Sanctified Man
Chapter 5: After The Holiness Meeting
Chapter 6: "Fight The Good Fight Of Faith"
Chapter 7: The Heart Of Jesus
Chapter 8: The Secret Of Power
Chapter 9: The Leakage Of Spiritual Power
Chapter 10: The Man God Uses
Chapter 11: Your Own Soul
Chapter 12: Gideon's Band
Chapter 13: The Chained Ambassador
Chapter 14: Faith: The Grace And The Gift
Chapter 15: Don't Argue
Chapter 16: Letting The Truth Slip
Chapter 17: If You Have Lost The Blessing -- What?
Chapter 18: Soul-Winners And Their Prayers
Chapter 19: Present-Day Witnesses To The Resurrection
Chapter 20: The Radicalism Of Holiness
Chapter 21: Perfect Peace
Chapter 22: Some Of My Experiences In Teaching Holiness
Chapter 23: Another Chance For You!
Chapter 24: Birds Of Prey
Chapter 25: "With Peace Unbroken"
Chapter 26: Sanctification v. Consecration
Chapter 27: Shouting
Chapter 28: Some Of God's Words To Me

Ancient Prophets

1: The Ancient Prophets
2: Why I Wanted My Wife To Be My Wife
3: The Cost Of Saving Souls
4: 'Retired'
5: 'As With Sons'
6: The Seamless Coat Of Jesus
7: Recent Acts Of The Holy Ghost
8: The Special Campaigner
9: Must You Be Fed With A Spoon?
10: First Things First
11: 'God Is Faithful'
12: The Bible And Religious Experience
13: Whom Do You Trust, Yourself Or Christ?
14: A Word To Those Who Are Growing Old
15: Answering Atheism
16: The Lord's Own Prayer
17: The Worst Drunkard In Town Got Saved Last Night
18: An Open Letter To A Young Man Seeking Spiritual Help
19: The Mystic Universe In My Back Yard
20: The Frankness Of Jesus
21: Our Mothers -- Thoughts For Mother's Day
22: Jesus Training Paul
23: What About The Future Of The Salvation Army?