To those who are deeply confused:

To those lost in the chaos of what just occurred. My name is Alex. I am a Christian. I gave my heart to Jesus and I lived for Him best I could. That is why I am no longer here on earth. I wrote this letter a while back in case the Rapture came.

Suspend your disbelief. Let's say that the Bible is 100 percent accurate in ALL it's predictions....did you know that it IS? Did you know the odds are IMPOSSIBLE for it to be that way, yet that proves it's truth!

Jesus is coming again. 7 years after the date in following the vanishings in which Israel signs a peace treaty with her enemies. Remember, God loves you and He desperately wants you far more than you can possibly understand!!!! He made everything you see. And He wants to share it with YOU. All you have to do is acknowledge Him as Your God.

WHO IS GOD? God is the "is" in "is"...God has always been, and WILL always be...and He wants to share all of that with you personally. He is not a "force" or an "essence", He is personal and He created us in His own image.

Don't get caught up in the world, Give your heart to Jesus and You will be saved. The next 7 years will be tough, if you choose Christ you will feel the weight of persecutions you have never imagined. Be strong. Always depend on Jesus and His word to pull you through.

Do not trust the world leader. There will come a man who will deceive many. He will be the president of the world or the world king. Do not follow this man. He is the anti-Christ. He will seek the destruction of all those who refuse to worship him. He will trick the very elect. Be careful and put your trust in Jesus, this way the Holy Spirit will guide you to not be taken.

Do not take the MARK. This leader will demand that the world take a mark. It will likely be a code somehow placed on your right hand or forehead. It will allow you to buy and sell without the use of bills, cards or any other tangible form. Without this mark you will be forbidden to buy and sell in public. Do not take this mark, even under penalty of death! The Bible says that you will be lost forever if you take the "Mark of the Beast". This mark is the mark of Satan, and once it is on you, you are lost to God, in fact, you will hate God as Satan does.

Remember that God loves you no matter what you have done. He is always ready and willing to forgive you. Go to Him and receive Him as your savior, please don't hesitate, there is little time left.

I pray whoever you are, you will see the truth and come to take Jesus as your Lord. Jesus will be back soon to establish His kingdom here on earth. In the meantime, let Him share a piece of it in your heart.

God be with you always,

Alex home.