Lynette Schaefer

Although Lynette does not have a formal background or training in theology, she is an avid student of Scripture who has studied the Bible for many years. She believes and upholds the Bible as 100 percent inerrant and to interpret it's message literally. She felt called by God to use her background and God-given ability to write to bless people with her commentaries. She has been a Born-Again Christian for several years.


1. Are We Ready for His Return?
2. Discipling New Christians
3. Another Thousand Years before the Rapture?
4. Encourage One Another
5. Six Characteristics of Good Relationships
6. Should Christians Wear Tattoos?
7. Believerís Baptism
8. Knowledge and Wisdom
9. The Holy Bible God's Word
10. Making Your Life Count
11. Managing Your Finances
12. Godís Seven Thousand Year Plan for Mankind
13. The Judgments of the Tribulation
14. The Twenty-Four Elders
15. Thanksgiving
16. Jesus, Our True Savior
17. The End Times Are Screaming at Us!
18. The Power of the Resurrection
19. False Prophets, Teachers and Leaders - Laodicean Age